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FREE* Thermal Imaging Assessment

Lower your energy bills

GoGo Boilers Plumbing & Heating are offering a free thermal imaging assessment on your home central heating system.

Thermal imaging can spot heat loss around your home and help identify issues with your radiators and central heating system.

Your heating system may be performing inefficiently due to air or dirt and debris in your system and these issues can cause higher energy bills. Our thermal scan can isolate issues allowing us to provide solutions to remedy these problems.

Quite often bleeding the radiators, powerflushing the system, or replacing radiators can resolve issues where heat is being lost or your heating system is not perfoming optimally.

With the current cost of energy prices, saving energy is more important than ever. Check to see if your home central heating system is working efficiently by booking your FREE* Thermal Imaging Assessment.

  • Check heating efficiency
  • Identify heat loss areas
  • Detect radiator blocks

* Offer applies only to residents in the following postcodes:

SE3, SE7, SE9, SE12, SE18, DA5, DA6, DA7, DA14, DA15, DA16, BR1, BR2, BR3, BR5, BR6, BR8

To book your free thermal imaging assessment please call us or complete the form below.

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To book your free thermal imaging assessment please complete the form below.

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